Education, Support, Accountability and Community - Right at Your Fingertips!

The online health and wellness space is filled with SO much B.S. It can be hard to know what's real and what's right for you. It can be even harder to stay consistent on your journey. Sometimes it feels like you're SO close yet so far. To get to the breakthrough you need, you have to break through all the noise - online and in your head. That's why BREAKTHROUGH TO YOU provides you with the education, support, accountability and structure you need to become a stronger, healthier, more confident version of yourself. All for only $49 a month!

What's Included?

  • Monthly Education From Guest Experts

    Each week, you have the opportunity to learn experts on topics such as hormone balancing, self love, gut health, body confidence, nutrition, strength training and more! All videos will either be live or pre recorded, and saved in your member dashboard for you to watch at your convenience!

  • Community Support and Guided Journaling

    Guided journal prompts and a community slack channel help you dive in, stay accountable, and make progress! This group will have challenges, support systems, check ins and more!

  • LIVE Weekly Meditations, Workouts & Yoga Sessions!

    Get ready to deepen your community, boundary setting abilities, self love and confidence even further with these sessions! Each session is a powerful 15 minutes that's easy to fit into the busiest of schedules. Workouts will also be recorded for you to watch and do later!

This is what Holistic Health Education and Support Should Look Like

Want to learn directly from: a dietician, nurse, health coach, yoga teacher, meditation instructor, therapist, life coach, personal trainer, hormone coach and more? Now's your chance to learn, ask questions and get support from experts who take a holistic, anti-diet approach to health - all for just $49 a month.

It's not too late to join for November!