What do I speak about?

Storytelling is how we grow and transcend our obstacles. These are some of my favorite speaking topics: 

  • Brain and body confidence
  • Reframing, pivoting and brain re-conditioning 
  • Overcoming adversity and building resilience 
  • Habit hacking for behavior change 
  • Building physical and mental strength 
  • Ditching diet culture 
  • Becoming YOUR most confident self 

The One to Watch

"Alex is on a mission to revolutionize the wellness industry and help others find strengths in their stories."

Workshops & Events

Alex has spoken at:

Previous Speaking Credits

Additional experience

  • Teachers Pay Teachers Women’s ERG Workshop

    Boundaries and Self Advocacy

  • Mansfield Middle School Recharge Day

    Be a Self Care Ninja

  • First Generation Summit, Wellesley College

    Mental Health Awareness, Stigma, and Resources for First-Generation College Students

  • Fitness Fluency

    Shred the Should & Mindfulness Matters

  • UCONN Summer Programs

    Life Skills Workshop

  • Voices of Poverty Keynote

    Housing Insecurity and Access to Higher Education


Alex has been featured in:

Listen to Alex on The Ninja Babes

Learn about habits and warning signs of overtraining and how to build a healthy training mindset

"We get so afraid of not keeping up with everyone else. When an athlete goes through an injury, we go through the stages of grief...sometimes we put ourselves in positions we might not be ready for yet." 

Listen to Alex on That's So On-Brand

Understanding Consistency vs. Stability, Redefining your Path, and Nurturing Burnout

Listen to the full episode here!  

"I'm not gonna wait for something to stop the wheel for me.  If something doesn't feel right, you have the power to make a change so change it"

Listen to Alex on Spread Love

Learn how Alex built her education program and how she supports clients on their health journey

Listen to Alex on Time 4 Health

On Strength & Intuitive Eating

Listen to Alex on The Conscious Pivot Podcast

Bigger than circumstances: Reframing to Resilience

"I think one of the biggest issues is when people feel like they are the only ones going through something...When they do talk about it, amazing things happen."

Listen to Alex on The Fitness Diaries

Using childhood trauma, homelessness and a broken back to fuel a new kind of fitness and mindset

"I've always been the person who has to prove everyone else wrong all the time...I started focusing on holistic strength, fueling my body appropriately...I haven't done sit ups in years because I've found so many better ways."

Listen to Alex on Wellness for the Hot Mess

How can I become an unbreakable version of myself?

"With her holistic approach, she helps people see that what can feel like a dysfunctional puzzle is actually a beautifully unique masterpiece full of endless strength and possibilities."

Listen to Alex on Authentic Chaos

Ditch what no longer serves your authentic being

"I remember going to Chipotle and spending all my time entering my stuff into MyFitnessPal instead of enjoying what I was doing...It's exhausting and there's a better way." 

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  • If you are committed to shedding the should shame, to building unbreakable confidence, & to building resilient people

  • If you are passionate about spreading these messages and creating a safer and loving world

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“Alex is a powerful, self-aware leader. She turned her pain into her purpose. She speaks on her personal experiences with courage and grace in order to give others going through similar struggles the permission to own their own personal stories. Alex is destined for great things with her strong sense of resilience and huge heart and dedication to others.”

Founder/Director The Soul Project

Kristie Dean

“Alex is an incredible speaker. She skillfully blends her ongoing work in higher education, mental health, fitness and holistic wellness. She speaks and coaches about the importance of the mind-body connection, habit formation, nutrition and movement (instead of diet and exercise); and holistic wellness (especially during a time of uncertainty, working from home, and major life transitions), in a funny and relatable way. I cannot recommend Alex enough as a wellness consultant, coach and speaker!”

Northwell Health

Susmita Paul, MS

“Alex is an amazing speaker, engaging, and exciting. She attracts the listeners and brings them into her story. Together, she takes them to a place of excitement and positivity about the future. I can't wait to have her in my future retreats! ”

CEO, Mikah Fashion, Heal with Gold

Miriam Grunhas

“Alex's workshop provided a refreshing blend of humor and relatability on an otherwise serious and difficult topic. She had workshop participants laughing as much as they were learning! ”

Pamela S.

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How Alex used her experiences as an independent student to create F.O.S.T.E.R. Independence Foundation to provide trauma-informed support to college students facing homelessness, food insecurity and family estrangement

"I had no parent information for the FAFSA which bases your aid eligibility on your expected family contribution. This impacted my ability to get aid, campus housing, and register for classes. I worked 80 hours a week, struggled with consistent food and housing, had trouble making friends, was extremely depressed, and lacked the family guidance and emotional support it seemed like everyone else had."

Learn how to navigate diet culture stressors around the holidays

"Remember that you didn’t “break” anything, so you don’t need to “fix” anything. You don’t need to start a new diet, “earn” your food through exercising, or eat less to make up for it.…just go back to eating and moving in ways that feel good. All foods serve a purpose. They’re not good or bad, they’re just food. Chances are, if you’re eating a big holiday meal, it probably means you get to see people you love."

How to rewire your brain and practice body love

"Loving your body seems to be the ultimate goal that social media promotes, right? But they don’t really tell you what that means or how to get there. Does body love mean loving how your body looks or loving your body for what it is? Body gratitude promotes loving your body for what it is, rather than how it looks."

Learn helpful and real strategies to work through an injury or loss of a sport

"You are SO MUCH MORE than an athlete...Remember that your body is strong and resilient and that your current situation is not your final destination. Keep going"

If you wait until you’re burnt out to rest, you’ve waited too long.

I know that our “rest when you’re dead” culture may have taught you otherwise, consistently makes you feel like you’re not doing enough, and tells you that you’re a failure if you aren’t productive 24/7. But I’m calling bull and reminding you that your worth is not tied to your productivity. Fun fact: Research has found that rest not only makes you feel better, but it helps you perform better. Your concentration, creativity, efficiency and task endurance are all correlated with your brain’s ability to recharge.

Find strategies to shred your should shame and to reclaim your worth

"You are the only “you” there is, and your worth isn’t determined by your job, productivity, income, body or anything else."

Figure out WHY you keep getting stuck and LEARN to break free

"You define your wins, and no win is too small. Adding a vegetable to your plate, drinking one more glass of water, or reframing a negative thought are all wins! Remember that you are in control. You got this!"

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