Are you tired of feeling stuck in your life? 

Through one on one or small-group coaching sessions, we can achieve your Mindset, Fitness, and Nutrition goals. 

I'm here to help you! 

Fitness Coaching includes: 

  • Creative bodyweight workouts
  • Strength building and resistance training
  • Running goals 
  • Core strengthening 
  • Powerlifting 
  • Getting STRONG AF! 

Mindset/Life Coaching includes: 

  • Getting unstuck! Find your SPARK again
  • Break free of old habits 
  • Develop sustainable hacks to live a limitless life 
  • Discover your true values and goals 

Nutrition Coaching includes: 

  • Healing your relationship with food 
  • Anti-diet & holistic health approach 
  • Intuitive eating practices
  • Understanding YOUR body's unique needs 


But wait there's more...

Do you want to improve company outcomes AND your team's overall work satisfaction? 

Do you want to feel happier at work? 

It's no secret that employees who enjoy their workplace, work more productively and positively with their peers. Burnout is REAL and every team needs time to recharge and refocus. 

Through consulting sessions with me, your team will learn effective and essential skills that foster a productive, happy, and healthy environment. 

Did I mention you'll see better results as a whole? 

Consulting services include: 

  • Company wellness education, events, and workshops
  • Skills development in:
    • Employee Communications
    • Strength Builders
    • Boundary Setting
    • Self Advocacy 
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management 
    • Effective Habits
    • Productivity Hacks
    • Goal Setting 
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness


Hear what people are saying!

“Anyone who is looking for a fantastic coach, motivator, and support system to reach a goal, contact Alex!! The best part is she builds around your ability, keeps it realistic and understands that sometimes I'm gonna eat that Reese's cup :) ”



“I've always known being confident is important but now I am seeing why. Now that I'm feeling more confident about how I look and who I am, I feel like the people that surround me are reflecting that. ”



“Thank you so much for everything. You really helped me navigate the war between my mind/body. I feel so much more accepting of myself and no longer worry about how much I weigh or bloating. This experience has challenged me to grow so much and I can't thank you enough. ”


Lucia G.

“I had a 'What would Coach Alex say?' moment...I listened to my gut and started walking. I started getting in my head like "Oh is this workout good enough or ever gonna do anything?" I heard your voice go "Well what's your goal here? What are your values?" I felt instantly better after I answered those questions! ”



Let's Do This!

You're one step away from unlocking your inner super hero

  • Do you want to say goodbye to old habits and hello to new results?

  • Are you ready to end the war with your mind and body?

  • Do you want unbreakable confidence?